Thursday 2 December 2010

Pecking order

Whilst we have been imprisoned by the snow my Mum has made sure that our avian friends have not been forgotten! To be fair there had been a lot of traffic around the garden - so it would be hard to ignore the birds! 

The photo on the left was taken around 11am - after we'd already cleared the patio once!

The doves like to think they rule the roost - but in a fine example of bird brains they keep forgetting how to get into the bird table! Or anywhere if it comes to that. This is half of two couples which seem to live near the garden.

Next we have the sparrows... there are massive clan which seem to spend equal time sitting in trees and bushes chattering away, chasing each other or cramming in as much food as they can, from wherever they can!

Last but not least the starlings, or the 'bovver boys' as they are known here. They descend and carry out  little experiments such as how many  can fit inside the bird table (over half a dozen)

There are other occasional visitors who don't stop long enough to get their photos snapped... today a great tit, a robin and a chaffinch - not including the seagull circling overhead!

Delightfully this photo was taken about twenty minutes ago and there does seem to be an infinitesimal thaw beginning.