Saturday 25 December 2010

Christmas is for kittens too

Having a pair of kittens at Christmas I imagine is something akin to having a pair of toddlers. You buy them toys but they are more interested in the packaging and the wrapping paper. You hope that they will sit down somewhere and play with their toys quietly but instead they rampage about the house getting into just about anything that you'd rather they didn't. Here are some highlights of Cass and Tink's day.

Toys - who needs them when you have ribbon!
Wrapping paper! So much fun!
These sparkly things look tasty!
Time for a break... could someone open these treats?
No, the ribbon is still the most fun!
On the tunnel... in the tunnel... what's the difference
This is mine! Definitely food in here!
OK! I'm going up!
I am the mouse-man!
If it makes you happy...
So tired!
Time for a wash