Saturday 24 October 2009

Time to kick back

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy. The awards ceremony at Job-2 has been drawing ever closer (it is next Thursday). Trying to send out invitations and collate responses when the post is broken has been a total nightmare. Like most people we have now resorted to phones and email. We're onto the final stretch though... and it is all looking good.

Job-1 has also been busy. Not because the construction industry has picked up loads (it is barley perceptible); several jobs are about to start (after months of waiting) and one is about to finish. Boss-two, who has now become Boss-one (as former Boss-one is now based overseas) has been out at meetings and so forth, so I've been overseeing things in the office. Somehow I never seem to get anything finished anymore. Add to this the super-submission that went out this week and you can see why my feet have hardly touched the ground!

The good news is I've now got two weeks off. A lot of excitement is scheduled for these two weeks... the awards lunch is next week (which I'm really looking forward to, the fruition of Job-2 and all the hard work)... the NFL game at Wembley is on Sunday (at last!) and the Jubilee Line is managing not to have engineering works (!)... the Lord Mayor's Show is in three weeks (my Mum is in the parade!) and the lunch that follows that... and we have a 'project completion' lunch at the end of my holiday (I'm making an exception and attending); this is the first one I've ever had, as I think it is the first time that all parties have still been on speaking terms by completion! Of course, the reason for taking my holiday in wet and windy October/November... the World Series starts later this week. Hopefully the Yankees will be there... and even better if they could manage to win - it has been a long wait for number 27!

Today isn't the quiet day I was hoping for, I'm off out soon to get my flu jab - this is just the seasonal flu, presumably the swine flu comes later. Whilst I'm out I'm going to the library (amongst other things there is a fine to pay) - just the day for it, raining outside - oh well.