Monday 1 June 2009

Double strike

First there was the news that RMT workers on the Underground are to go on strike this month for 48 hours, which will likely cripple the transport system in London and bring the tube network to a virtual (if not complete) standstill. Until (and if) they find a solution avoid central London from 7pm on the 9th June to 11th June.

Then there is the news that postal workers (this time the CWU) have voted 9-1 in London in favour of strike action. The changes are necessary say Royal Mail as, apparently the mail volume in London has fallen by 10%. I don't find this surprising. Other offices in our company with larger mail volumes no longer use Royal Mail to deliver their letters; the alternative is cheaper.

At a time when people all over the country are losing their jobs, taking cuts in hours or taking pay freezes... these workers go on strike. I don't know the ins and outs of the issues with these unions and their bosses, but I know one thing. Right now is the time for people to pull together and to appreciate that times are tough... not to make everyone's lives more difficult by walking out on strike.