Monday 15 June 2009

After the storm

London suffered the most incredible thunderstorms this evening (as any watching the Twenty20 will be aware).

I missed most of it as I was in the bath during the majority... although I took a damp trip down to the kitchen as Rich told me the frogs were making a mass exodus from the Fish Pond and hopping across the lawn to take shelter from the weather. I missed most of them and only caught one straggler leaping away. I don't know if it was the torrential rain hitting the pond, the rolling thunder or the forked lightning which scared them off... or perhaps an instict that told them a vast expanse of water isn't the best place to be during an electrical storm.

I had my usual failed attempts to capture photographs of the forked lightning streaking across the sky. Rich told me I ought take a video and capture the still - of course by the time I tried this the storm was pretty much over and the lightning was down to a few half-hearted flashes here and there!

I got to stand in the kitchen door and listen to the rain fall - one of my favourite sounds in nature... and then I walk in the wet garden - the rain has really brought out the smell of the honeysuckle... and a plague of snails!