Wednesday 24 June 2009

Another 26 miles?

As I only read newspapers that I don't have to pay for it took fellow local blogger Darryl over at 853  (Hands off our marathon, Branson) to alert me to the latest attempts of the rich and famous to mess with fine London institutions.

The rich and famous in question is Richard Branson and his Virgin crowd and the London institution in question is the London Marathon. I'm not quite sure how it can be 'more fun and glamorous' other than possibly running round the centre of London in extremely small circles?

I've lived on the Marathon route for almost ten years now, and I enjoy getting up on a Sunday (come rain or shine) and joining a large percentage of my neighbours to cheer on the runners. Young and old turn out and support the runners from the competitive front runners through to the stragglers at the back. Yes, it is a little annoying when the streets are closed - but it is Sunday morning, which lets face it for most of us is the least inconvenient (some of my house isn't even awake until the roads re-open!).

I get fed up with everything getting 'fixed' all the time, even when it isn't broken. I urge you to suggest to Mr Branson that the best idea for the London Marathon is to leave it alone.