Wednesday 21 November 2007

London sights...

This morning, as I was coming up the escalator in Green Park Station I heard the strains of a bagpipe... I was convinced that there would be a chap with a kilt standing in the 'buskers area' on the middle concourse. Sadly the chap was wearing jeans and a pair of shades... but that didn't detract from his absolutely superb piping. The partners in my office (Scottish both) apparently gave him money they were so impressed!

Right now at the Dome (sorry, the O2) there is a pyramid in the plaza. I assume that it is advertising the Tutenkahmun exhibition. I don't think it is much of an advert though. It is probably about 3 or 4m across and in height... white with primary coloured pictures drawn on it... they look a bit like the logos you get for the Eurovision or something.