Thursday 22 November 2007

Physio and turkey

So, after a weeks break today was Physio. My phsyio is delighted with my progress... standing up from sitting without falling over, piece of cake. Walking down the corridor, no problem (although I did hit the door frame on my way back in, which spoiled the effect). Daily exercises, can do - without holding onto the sink! This led to the necessity to 'score' my progress. Neuro types are big on this scoring stuff (I discovered on a letter from my neurologist that the physio isn't just a common or garden physio but a neurophysiotherapist!).

So, the scoring. First of all I am required to stand still and close my eyes. A few weeks ago that alone would have been impossible. Then I am required to move my arms and head around... not too much of a difficulty... raise your arm, look over your left shoulder etc. etc. Then comes to the stand on one leg. Try this with your eyes shut... even if you have perfect balance I'll wager you find it quite hard. Which leg, I ask, does it matter... no, says the physio, either will do. I choose to stand n my right leg as I find that much easier. Almost instantly I topple over. Not to worry, says the phsyio, we'd have kept going until you fell over. Ah, says I, so it was a destruction test... I never could win.

Next he tries to push me over. That isn't very friendly, I observe. So he starts gently trying to push me over... backwards, forwards, sideways... trying harder to push me - so that I really have to concentrate. You are gritting your teeth, he observes. I manage not to get pushed much for quite a while. When we are done I observe, that was like hard work.

We agree to meet again in two weeks, and the physio tells me that if I continue to do so well he will be signing me off. Hurrah!

I toddle off to meet Rich in Woolwich after this. This should be quite straight forward, but something appears to be up with the ferry. For those who don't know - the Woolwich Free Ferry is one of the quaintest things in South East London. Running between Woolwich and North Woolwich there are two boats which carry cars and passengers over the river. I think that the problem this afternoon might have been that only one of the boats was working. What happens then is that the overflow car park fills up and the lorrys start queueing on the road, and round the roundabout and gridlock and chaos ensue. The bus driver lent out of his cab and addressed the bus, telling us that we might be stuck for a while and that he would let anyone who wanted to get off out here.

A small amount of shopping ensued, and then home for a well deserved rest. Storing up for Thanksgiving. Even though we aren't American we celebrate Thanskgiving... we watch the football games and have our lovely turkey dinner... including sweet potatoes topped with marshmallow. Sweet potatoes and marshmallow were introduced me back last century (ha ha!) when I visited New York and spent the weekend with my godparents and had a Thanksgiving meal with them. Not that the football has been up to much this year so far. Mis-match number one with Green Bay and Detroit (which we knew as we only saw Detroit playing the Giants last weekend). Mis-match number 2 Jets playing Dallas. We know this because the Jets have only won two games all season, and we saw Dallas playing the Redskins the other day. Mind you over ten minutes have passed and the Cowboys are only up by 7.

Talking of football I suppose we should give a mention to the Euro 2008 qualifiers last night. We didn't watch the game (on account of me not caring that much and the other half of this house being Scottish)... but we did see about 20 minutes or so. What rubbish. All I can say is if that is the best England have to offer no wonder most of the players in the Premiership are foreign! I was quite pleased to see the exit of all the home nations from the competition - I don't rate international football of any type.

So, I'm settling down to watch the rest of the Thanksgiving offerings - and then it is all downhill until Christmas.