Saturday 6 October 2007

Bug World

For reasons unkown our bedroom seems to be the destination of choice for hibernating ladybugs. At least, I assume that this is what they are all doing in here. There are currently about 3 or 4 of them crawling around on the ceiling, and another couple on the outside of the window (which is currently closed, due to it being extremely cold) waiting to come in. This happens every year, and come spring there are a few around to be let out and a good few corpses to be swept up. I can only assume that they are hibernating as there are no plants in the bedroom, so nothing to eat! I know, there should be some plants to balance all that unhealthy electro-magnetic fields and whatnot... it has been tried. There was Yale the Yukka, but he grew too large and now has to live in the garden as he approaches the size of a small tree... then there was the Bonsai, unmitigated faiure, died of some nasty bug infection (maybe it was the ladybugs?). So no plants in the bedroom and no food for the holidaying ladybugs!