Sunday 21 October 2007

Big finish in Interlagos

Well. He almost did it. It just wasn't Lewis's afternoon. He started from a great position, but right at the start of the race the two Ferarris and his own team mate managed to get in front of him... Lewis ran wide which dropped him a few paces, and then even worse Lewis had trouble with his car (we think) and ended up pretty much at the back of the pack. To his credit he drove a great race, passing up through the pack - but at the end of the day it just wasn't enough. Another page from the book of strange McLaren pit-stop/tyre decisions meant that Lewis had to make another pit-stop he really could have done without which meant he just couldn't get enough points to beat his rivals in the World Championship.

Ah well. If Lewis couldn't be the winner then it did really need to be Kimi. Most people would rather not see Alonso as the Champion after the season he has run this year. His general attitude towards his team mate and his own team has been a bit lamentable this year to say the least.

Other notable moments this afternoon? Well... four cars are under investigation by the Stewards after the race for various 'incidents'... not least Fisichella driving across the track back at the start of the race and taking out one of the Spykers... Jensen Button admitting that the Honda had issues with 'speed and reliability' (!)... the unfortunate Nakajima in his Williams mowing down two of his own mechanics, we are assured that the two gentlemen aren't seriously hurt, kudos to them both for doing their part of the pit-stop before hobbling away!

There was some spectacular passing this afternoon... hats off to Lewis and to Kubica for some great moves.