Monday 31 October 2016

What we've been watching (October)

We watch quite a lot of movies; at the moment LOVEFiLM send us two discs every week... although I'm always considering the best way to get our movies.

So this is what we watched in October - come back to see what November has brought us.

The Forest
A woman visits Japan's 'suicide forest' to find her missing twin sister.

Batman V Superman - Dawn of Justice
Full disclosure, I'm a Marvel fan not a DC fan. We'd waited ages for LOVEFiLM to finally send us this film, in the meantime we'd seen worse and worse reviews. I was ready to forgive reviewers who just don't like superhero movies, but this was a terrible film. The over-exposed stories of Batman and Superman really didn't need another joint exposure who their origin stories (or parts of them).

The Jungle Book
Love the animated film, this started a bit darker (and altogether more tedious); ended up switching off.

400 Days
Astronauts on a simulated mission to examine the effects of deep space travel to test the psychological impacts. Of course, as you'd expect, it all goes wrong and when they exit the craft it turns out everything might not be as it had seemed. I found the end extremely confusing, to the point where Husband rewound and explained to me.

The Nice Guys
A couple of private investigators in the 1970s are investigating a missing girl and a mysterious death. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling give absolute stand-out performances and the story is well written with some some amusing moments. Best film of the month.

Hail, Caesar!
Back in 1950s Hollywood a studio 'fixer' keeps the studios stars in line. Many strands are drawn together, I didn't think terribly succesfully.