Monday 2 June 2014

A week in photos

London spent another week tormenting occupants with unpredictable weather, perfect for half term. Here's a few bits and pieces from along the way:-


A day of rest, if for no other reason than the weather was not much lending itself to going out and about and everywhere would be crowded as it was half term. Casper spent a lot of time watching the garden and/or sleeping!


An appointment with Orthotics at the QEH (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) took me home early from work. I just missed a rain flower as attested to by some nearby planters. I was very taken with the crystal skull vodka bottles in a nearby window; less taken with the overflowing ashtray outside the hospital entrance!


Another wet and wild day. I amused myself at lunch building an apple tree (of sorts) and we finally got our World Cup sweep-stake for the office done!


Flags up in The Mall; left over I suppose from the Household Cavalry presentation of Standards on Wednesday. It was a coffee and treats morning from Alpha (one of the guys who ferries me to and from work; we've known each other so long we're good friends now) - comprising rice-cakes rather than Yum-Yums, so slightly more healthy. I got home to find Casper on 'garden-watch'... as usual!



Time for the terror that is the pay-day shop. Originating in buying the cat litter stock and taking a taxi home with it, it extends now to a general trip round Woolwich and the purchase of random items. This month books. Kindle eschewed for Dan Brown so Husband can also read it, Hosseini because I thought Mutti and/or my MiL might want to read it and the 'Wolf of Wall Street' because LoveFilm won't rent it to us, it was a tenner for the DVD and the book was free.


Mutti and I went to Bluewater so she could upgrade her pre-historic phone - I was there to make sure she got the right model and the best deal. I loved the perpetual calendar in John Lewis, the strange locking mechanism in the disabled toilet (so small the wheelchair couldn't turn and I had to go out backwards!) and the 'sand castle' (I suspect it was a model) of a hotel in Dubai.


Even as dull Sunday's go this one took a head-start. Made good headway into Dan Brown and watched a random T20 cricket match - it wasn't really nice enough to go in the garden... no rain, but no sunshine either.