Monday 6 May 2013

Monday - Things You didn't know about me (2)

I hate to be a typical girl; but until MS necessitated the need for bilateral walking aids I was a huge fan of shoes and of handbags.

Now (unfortunately) I have to wear flat shoes. Sensible flat shoes. Heels make my feet hurt; and as my toes are numb (and fairly useless) I can wear pointy shoes (my toes won't be coerced into them) or anything without a strap or laces (my toes won't hold them on). 

Here are some of the shoes I have known and loved... and the ones that are now friends to my feet.

I have driven the Better-half to distraction with my handbags. Constant purchasing; chopping and changing. I have had many I have loved (and worn out) over the years... and I keep up the constant search for the perfect bag (which given the amount I like to cart around with me is probably a baby's changing bag!).

Bags reduced in quantity. From first to second shot... only bags that can be used with crutches have been kept.

Sadly now many bags cannot be used. Bilateral walking aids me now hands; which means bags with a decent shoulder strap only. If it isn't big enough the movement of the crutches sends the bag slithering down my arm! If the bag is small enough it can hang of the handle of my crutches!