Sunday 27 May 2012

Outing to the Park

Maryon Wilson Park

A set by nat_mach

Peking Duck (2) Peking Duck (3) Peking Duck (4)
Conversations with terrapins Terrapin (down)
Terrapin (up) Peking Duck (1)
Little grey rabbit Peking Duck (5)

Time for our local animal park to have it's annual open day. Blessed again with glorious sunshine it was a great day for mixing with the birds and animals.

Not only can you get up personal with Peking the Duck (seen above) and some of his furry friends (rabbits, guinea pigs, and even a rat) but you can wander amongst the pigs (Bangers and Mash), ducks and hens; walk up to the fence and pet the ponies (Honey, Minstrel and Teddy); watch the sheep being shorn and see a tent with an eclectic collection of owls.

The park was under threat of closure from by the local council; but has now formed a limited company with hopes of gaining charitable trust status.

I was lucky to grown up in a country village surrounded by wildlife, but for children growing up in the city this is probably one of the best opportunities they get to see these animals.