Sunday 13 May 2012

TV Time

It's that time of year. The American TV channels are deciding which programmes make it and which ones don't. It's time to clear house in front of the up-fronts; when the channels show their new offerings to advertisers - and journalists can finally coherently summarise the new shows so we can decide whether we want to watch them or not.

A few freshmen shows (as ever) get canned after their first seasons, a few old favourites (or once favourites) are winding up after their years and years. 

Every channel wants that magic gift, a hit with the audiences; maybe something that will give five seasons, get that magic 100 episodes and float off into syndication.

Networks and viewers are less tolerant than they once were - shows have less and less time to impress and make an impact before the axe might fall. Even a proven creator, writer or actor is no longer the advantage it once was (golden boy JJ Abrams 'Alcatraz' was cancelled after the first season).

The saddest of all - there is so little quality in British TV these days that what happens to American shows really does matter; at least in this house.