Thursday 16 June 2011

End of the working week...

Cass with one of his many bottle tops
Tinker takes the tunnel
The kittens had a busy night... this tunnel belongs in the dining room... but had made it all the way to the hall - my shoes were strewn about as well. Still at least they didn't find any bread products to shred!

No quiet cuddles this morning - manic kitten behaviour continued until I left for work!

Although Tinker did seem to be volunteering for laundry duty!

Due to staying up far to late last night there was a strong requirement for coffee when I got to work so I treated myself to a double espresso. That did the trick!

Lack of traffic and the driver being ten minutes early meant that I was in work before 8am! Good to get a head start on the day.

The weather continued it's general gloominess - although I could have taken this same shot later in the day with blue sky and sunshine! Gotta love the English summer!