Wednesday 15 July 2009

The Fourth Plinth (again)

This morning I took a detour through Trafalgar Square on my way to work to see the latest happenings on the Fourth Plinth.

Since the 6th July an 'installation' conceived by Anthony Gormley 'One & Other' has been occupying the plinth. And it will continue to do so for some months to come. Twenty-four hours a day seven days a week for a hundred days, in fact. Random members of the public chosen by lottery from applicants stand up there for an hour each. Interesting experiment... and it just isn't art!

Regular readers will know I'm not a fan of the constantly changing contents of the empty plinth. I'm only pleased that this was one of two projects chosen from a shortlist of six the only one I would have voted for will be up next.

7-8 Wednesday morning
Change over!

8-9 Wednesday morning