Sunday 13 March 2016

#101in1001 - Nr.1

You can read about my Day Zero project on its page here. It is an undertaking to prevent me from idling my time away - so there are some easy items on the list and some real undertakings!

It turns out that there is no numerical logic to the list; the first item on the list is "Finish writing 101 thing by the end of 1001 days" - turned out to be surprisingly hard to do.

I got to around 80 items and ran out of ideas; even using the 'popular' sections of the Day Zero and other tags it still became quite difficult to make the quota.

I then decided to re-order the list into themed sections, at which point I discovered several duplications slightly differently worded, so it was back to the drawing board (again).

I think a few hundred days had passed before I finally had 101 items (!).