Sunday 21 September 2014

Sunday Social (120)

Social Sunday

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1. What is your favorite part of fall?
The last few years in England it has been pretty hard to tell when Summer finishes and Autumn starts, and indeed if we don't miss out Autumn altogether and go straight to Winter!

2. Do you have anything special planned for fall?
We are excited this year to be going to not one, not two but three NFL games at Wembley! NFL is the bottom line in Autumn as it finishes (apart from the Superbowl) before Christmas and the dark days of winter, so it is very much an Autumn thing for us. I also have my other big chunk of leave for the year to enjoy the "Fall Classic" (i.e. the World Series); at the same time of this Husband and I have some sightseeing left over from the too hot days of summer to finish up - another trip to the National History Museum, maybe the zoo (again) and to see the sea of poppies at the Tower of London.

These are photos from the second game last year where the Jaguars were playing...


An album by nat_grove

3. What is fall like in your area?
Leaves everywhere (really everywhere) and a conker massacre at the end of the street. Kids don't play conkers anymore and they sit on the street, get kicked to the road and crushed by traffic. The squirrels take full advantage of the bounty and are seen burying them all over any lawn in range. Both Husband and I have been subject to direct hits on the head from the Horse Chestnut tree and its conkers!

4. What is your favorite football team to cheer for (college or professional)?
Big Blue! New York Giants. College football it's the Gators (I saw them on TV, I liked the Gator on their helmets!). I also have a soft spot for the Jets and the Jaguars (who are referred to in this house as the Gators Big Brothers). The Jaguars are the official home team at Wembley again this year... get to enjoy lots of Jaguar publicity.

5. Do you decorate for fall? Show us pics!
No, only for Hallow'een. I'm a huge pumpkin carving fan! (See below last year's pair)