Sunday 6 July 2014

Sunday Social (109)

Linking up with Ashley and Neely for the Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite genre of music?
I am happiest with anything from Baroque, through Classical to Romantic (I generally draw the line at modern). I like musicals too (mostly the older ones) - but over the last decade Husband has introduced me to some more modern music.

2. What is your favorite genre of movies?
I suppose it is 'family'. I like easy to watch 'harmless' movies. Musicals, animations, anime, that sort of thing.

3. Do you watch reality TV? If so what was the first show you remember watching?
Absolutely not. I draw the line at it. My position is that if I want to watch people doing boring things I can go and sit in Powis Street on a Friday afternoon. I did once watch an episode of 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' just so I could categorically say I'd tried it and didn't like it. I'm afraid I think they are the scourge of modern TV; cheaper to make as no script or actors or so forth required. I reminisce fondly of proper dramas and comedies... practically never seen on British TV anymore, thank goodness for US TV!

4. Who is an actress you’d want to be BFF’s with?
I'm not sure I would really. I don't think we'd have much in common. My oldest, dearest friends I have know for a long time and have shared many life experiences with. I can't think of any actress that would fit that bill.

5. Who is an actor you’d be happy to be stuck on an island with?
The lovely Christian Bale. He's done a lot of different roles so there would be plenty to talk about!