Sunday 23 March 2014

Sunday Social (94)

 Linking up with Ashley and Neely.

1. What are the top 3 things you can't go a day without doing?
Frightful really; using Twitter and Facebook... I'll redeem myself with kissing my husband.

2. What are 3 things that scare you the most?
I have largely conquered being scared of things, I was absolutely neurotic when I was younger. Now it is things that life might throw at you; losing anyone I love (Husband, family, Casper K Cat and friends), my MS getting so bad that I can't work any more or my MS getting so bad that I can't walk around any more. Since I started practising mindfulness I have stopped being scared of a lot of things, because it is all about being in the now.

3. What are 3 places you want to see before you kick the bucket?
Rather unrealistic (given that I don't like flying or travel very much): Japan, Washington DC and Venice.

4. What are 3 movies you will always love?
Gone with Wind (my favourite movie of all time), The Sting (beginning of a love of grifters and cons - hence love of TV Show Hustle and Leverage) and Clue (which just came up as a clue on Pointless while I was typing this).

5. What are your 3 favourite current songs?
I'm massively fickle when it comes to favourite songs - it depends what songs are loaded on my phone at any moment. Right now:-

Louis Armstrong "What a Wonderful World" (our first dance at our wedding)

A bonus is the advert the BBC did for David Attenborough's wildlife programmes and it is just stunning.

Jem "They" (I find the lyrics oddly relevant)

Ima Robot "Greenback Boogie" (theme song to the fantastic TV show "Suits")