Saturday 21 April 2012

St George's Day Festival 2012

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Having complained every year about the St Patrick's Day Parade and us not being Irish I decided I was duty bound to go to the St George's Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square.

Lucky the weather held out as it was nice in the sunshine, but wouldn't have been much fun in the rain.

The theme seemed to be nature and gardens as the Square was transformed into all sorts of garden.

Examples of urban gardening from Pimp Your Pavement, Capital Growth, Febreze and Thames Water inspired me to get in the garden sometime again soon.

There was plenty for the children too with origami, face painting and mini-golf.

I had lunch in an excellent tea tent with some really great tea, and even a tea plant growing on my table!

My only criticism of the day. No flags. We are celebrating our patron saint so surely we should fly our country's flag. Not the Union Flag (there were a few of those). The flag of St George. You remember it, white background, red cross. Hardly ever see it these days.

Via Flickr:
Mayor of London Presents...

St George's Day Festival
Saturday 21st April 2012

Without any flags.