Friday 22 July 2011

Trip to North London

Cabbies famously don't go 'Sarf of the River' - apart from going to work, I don't go North. Today my Mother and I took a trip round the North Circular (and a few other places) to go and see my Great-Aunt (who will soon be 100). After a few arguments with the SatNav (programmed by me) we eventually reached our destination to partake of tea and biscuits and some reminiscing with old family photos.

After this we went to Brent Cross, a frequent destination in my childhood when we lived in Hampstead. It looked the same from the outside but the inside was barely recognisable, not surprising I suppose after 30 years. 

The most disappointing thing was the wooden play animals next to Waitrose were gone. And lunch in the Orangery no longer possible as the Orangery is gone.

We enjoyed some window shopping though - including some impractical moments drooling over shoes in Kurt Geiger and taking in a very peculiar shop Robot Bunny (see right).

We then took a trip down memory lane, driving past our old house, my first school and my Mother's first flat in London. By this time, of course, it was Friday rush hour so it was a very long trip home!

Even though I borrowed a wheelchair from Shopmobility I was still exhausted by the day out.