Friday 26 February 2010

IE6 Funeral

In the course of my normal web wandering I came across this:

Announcement | IE6 Funeral

I don't think I'll be attending (Denver is a long way to go) - but I'm with them in spirit.

I stopped general and daily use of IE a long time ago when I switched to Firefox. The tabbed browsing and the add-ons made for a better browsing experience. Of course Microsoft got wind of this and the next version of IE did get tabbed browsing.

There is one place I do still use IE though. At work. It is the browser of choice there (although I do have Firefox too as the IT manager gave me permission to download it as it was a more secure browser).

Not only were we running IE at work... we were running IE6. For reasons that have been lost in history (literally as the original IT manager has left) we were told not to upgrade due to a 'software incompatibility'. IE7 came and went... still we used IE6. IE8 arrived, but we were still using IE6. I mentioned this to IT support... asking if they knew that this was the situation and citing the imminent demise of IE6. Let's update to 8 and see what happens. So we did... and do you know what happened? Nothing.