Monday 5 January 2009

Just weather

Last night it snowed. Not a heavy snowfall (not in South East London, anyway) but enough to leave a dusting on cars, buildings and 'untreated surfaces'. It really was only a dusting though – the snow on the tops of walls and cars was so minor that it couldn't even have been measured in inches.

Notwithstanding, I did not trust that this would not be sufficient to throw London's transport into chaos; especially the Underground which doesn't need much encouragement… power supply problems or frozen points perhaps?

I decided to get a bus to work. I left Charlton at 7:15am and three buses later was at my desk by 8:25am. Unprecedented. The current fledgling flu (severe cold) epidemic coupled with the fact that a large amount of people seem to be taking an extra week off after Christmas and concluded by the fact that it was extremely cold this morning seems to mean that less people than normal are out on public transport. I'm not complaining.

There are things about which I will complain, however. Buses. I got on a 53 (double decker) to Whitehall and then a 159 (double decker) to Piccadilly Circus – both freezing. Bendy buses may not be designed for London's street layout and cause traffic queues, they may encourage fare dodging due to the multiple entrances – but one thing in their favour… at least they are warm. The last leg of my journey from Piccadilly Circus to Green Park (yes, I am that lazy – but it was very cold) on the 38 (bendy bus) was toasty.

I thought I'd be a bit warmer once I got to the office. Sadly mistaken. The central boiler plant appeared to have broken down. Although there was water in the radiators there was no heat being radiated. Out came the fan heaters and everybody's emergency cardigans! It took until early afternoon before heat was restored – what a day to pick for it!