Sunday 7 September 2008


This afternoon we were racing at Spa for the Belgian Grand Prix. It was appearing to be a fairly unremarkable race until the very end of the race. About half an hour before the end of the race the notice came up on the screen "Weather Forecast - Rain expected in twenty minutes". Oh yes. We do love a nice fall of rain.

We're three laps before the end of the race when the rain starts to fall. Kimi is leading Lewis and both are struggling to keep their cars on the track as the dry tires lose grip on the wet track. Lewis tries to pass Kimi and runs wide. He's sensible enough to give the place he gains off the track back, and then goes for it again. He passes Kimi... but almost immediately lose sthe place back to Kimi. Cars are all over the place, traffic appears. Then Kimi spins his car into the wall! Kimi is out of the race. Several middle placed cars pit and change onto intermediate tires. Lewis and Massa stay out and somehow manage to keep their cars on the track as they finish the final lap. Lewis practically creeps over the line to win the race. What a superlative finish! Lewis is one step closer to taking the Championship this year.