Monday 1 August 2016

What we've been watching (July)

We watch quite a lot of movies; at the moment LOVEFiLM send us two discs every week... although I'm always considering the best way to get our movies.

So this is what we watched in July - come back to see what August has brought us.

The true story of  how the Boston Globe uncovered a child molestation scandal. Well acted and well written.

The Benefactor
The story revolves around Richard Gere as a philanthropist who meddles in the lives of a newly married couple in a misguided attempt to relive his past.

The Night Before
Some-what out of season, this is the story of three friends whose annual Christmas eve party tradition leads to the seeking out the holy grail of Christmas parties - The Nutcracker Ball. Comedy with that extra element of almost slap-stick.

Steve Jobs
Not quite "Pirates of Silicon Valley" this is another attempt to commit the Steve Jobs "legend" to film. Well constructed and well acted, but the story is to well known to translate into a compelling film.

A student in NYC is stalked on technology in her life (webcam, phone, etc.) it's rather like Hacker from last month, but not as good. Didn't make it to the end.

Michael Caine as a retired conductor invited to perform at Prince Philip's birthday party by the Queen. The film was so slow moving we didn't make the end.

Imaginary demons inhabiting the books of a horror writer are inadvertently set free to cause chaos across a town. This was a proper good fun movie with a good cast and good effects, and even a script and a story line.