Sunday 17 August 2014

#101in1001 - Nr.18

You can read about my Day Zero project on its page here. It is an undertaking to prevent me from idling my time away - so there are some easy items on the list and some real undertakings!

Yesterday I finished my first item from the list Nr. 27 "Read a Stephen King novel". This was one of the many 'suggested' items that you can choose to add to your list. I chose it because (once upon a time) I read a few of  his books and liked them a lot. Oddly the first one I ever read was 'Carrie' when I was on a German Exchange. I ran out of reading and my German was nowhere near good enough to read any of my hosts books so I bought the only book in English I could find. It wasn't a big hit with me and it was a long time before I read another book by Stephen King. The rest of his books that I read belonged to Charlton House Library (or more properly the Borough of Greenwich). I've barely scratched the surface of his bibliography and now I think I will read more.

I chose '11/22/63' as the novel because the premise of it fascinated me since I bought it for Husband (a huge Stephen King fan). I bought my own copy for the Kindle as a) I'm not allowed to read Husband's books as I don't respect books; I crease their spines, fold down page corners when I can't find a bookmark and other crimes also b) great big books take longer to read as my arms get tired holding them up, whereas on the Kindle I don't have to schedule time to read!

I don't want to say too much about the book in case you haven't read it and plan to - but I will say that although I found some bits a bit slow going it was a fantastic read overall and at the end I literally could not put it down to get to the end; forty minutes I should have been getting washed and dressed and things I was racing towards the end of the book! Five stars on Amazon and Goodreads (and anywhere else that cares to ask!).