Sunday 19 September 2010

Garden decoration

Some of the many frogs
I have been inspired by Esmee over at Plaid Pages and her lovely collection of garden ornaments to share a few of the many in my garden. A good few of them live on our patio - safe from the attentions of garden wildlife!

These poor fellows don't seem to have been made for the weather conditions
that they need to survive. We have two frogs and a cat from the same range
which never made it out of the living room!
These three look after the fish pond - they never fail to raise a smile - especially the jolly duck and the happy turtle.

This frog can be found relaxing, appropriately enough, next to the frog pond. There used to be a ceramic frog with a welcome sign - until a fox knocked it over and the frog broke. It has now been mended, but lives inside out of harms way!

This is a small selection representing some of my favourites... it is an ever growing collection with a couple of new items (at least!) added every summer - lucky we have a large garden!

And here are some, belonging to my nearly-mother-in-law, which I am not so fond of. I don't like gnomes - I find them freaky.