Saturday 14 August 2010

The world of kittens

Here's the thing... I've never had kittens before. Until I lived with Rich (and Molly) I'd never even had a cat before.

Yesterday we adopted two kittens.... two 3 month old bundles of black fur who go by the name of Tinks (Tinker) and Cass (Casper). They cam home with us yesterday evening and commenced causing chaos around the house. Any place a kitten can jump or squeeze (and some places that they can't!) are fair game. They have no common sense and no fear and think nothing of leaping from unlikely bits of furniture to even less likely bits of furniture. They do have a tremendous capacity for fun... they will chase anything that moves, including, but not limited to, feathers, stuffed mice, balls, and each other!

I wear earplugs so they didn't keep me up last night - but  I think I was the only one as the two cat demolition derby explored their  new home. Tinks is the more extroverted - he will climb over anything (including  people) to get where he is going, and seems to like to follow people around
the house rather than be left alone. Cass is fluffier and stouter than his  brother (I think we know how the greedy guts of the family is going to be!) he's more introverted and seems to prefer sitting under and behind things rather than on them.

Who's this
other cat?
Walking the
I think I want
that one!
Time for a
Feeding time
at the zoo
They'll never
find me here

The excitement of exploring finally seems to have worn them out - they are both now sleeping on our bed (too bad for me, as I was going to go back to sleep!).