Friday 27 November 2009

The noise of modern life

Good morning, this is BBC Breakfast

486 to North Greenwich
Charlton Station, Charlton Church Lane
Please stand back from the yellow line
Mind the gap
8:57 to Cannon Street
Welcome to London Cannon Street,
Customers are advised to use any available exit at the gate line

Ground Floor, going up
Your call is number... three... in the queue
The fire alarm is about to be tested
Fire has been reported in the building,
Please leave by the nearest exit
The fire alarm test is now complete
First Floor, going down

A good service is operating on the Jubilee Line
This train terminates at North Greenwich
Mind the doors please
This train terminates here, all change please
A good service is operating on all London Underground Lines

486 to Bexleyheath Bus Garage
Cemetery Lane
You have... one... new message

Next on BBC1...

To appreciate the music of modern life you really need to have heard these announcements - nothing beats the lift lady and the way she says "going do-own"! At least they've replaced the existential crisis of the announcement at Cannon Street which sounded like it was asking customers to use "all available exits at the same time" - it turned out to be only slight less impossible when in fact it was "all available exits at the gate line".